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Beijing Eats is the definitive guide to dining in Beijing, introducing the best 140 Chinese  restaurants, from 29 culinary traditions, including little-known cuisines such as Anhui, Gansu, Jiangxi and Tan family. This book also provides descriptions of 400 regional dishes, and special topics such as beancurd, chillies, festival foods, street foods and tonic foods.

Beijing Eats retails for RMB 100, and you can pick up a copy at major bookstores around Beijing: the Foreign Languages Bookstore, Bookworm, Charter House, Garden Books, SunO2, Trends Lounge and the airport. It’s also on sale at Jenny Lou’s and April Gourmet.

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“We like to explore Chinese restaurants. We use the book Beijing Eats, which is great. It’s so straightforward and it’s a great way to discover new restaurants which you would otherwise not see”

Ignace Lecleir, GM, Maison Boulud

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China’s imperial capital for hundreds of years, Beijing is not only the center of politicking, but also a mecca for food lovers. For centuries the capital has attracted people from all over China, who have brought their food with them. Savour China’s acclaimed regional cuisines without ever having to leave the confines of the capital: the hearty imperial cuisine of the former Manchu rulers, the exotic foods of the Dai minority in Yunnan, the unique flavors from The Roof of the World, the exotic breads and lamb dishes of the Uighurs and Huimin, the notoriously hot and numbing dishes of Sichuan, and the refined cuisines of Guangdong and Fujian. And for those who want a taste of home, a wide variety of international restaurants are opening their doors throughout Beijing, adding to the dynamic dining scene in the old capital. You’ll find all this within the pages of Not Just A Good Food Guide Beijing  – discover the wonderful tastes of China.

About the author

Eileen Wen Mooney, born in Bali, Indonesia, has been sampling food throughout Asia for the past 25 years, from street stalls to  small eateries and posh contemporary restaurants. She has contributed articles to The Beijinger, Time Out Beijing, Silk Road, City Weekend and The Guardian. She has also served as restaurant editor for Fodor’s Beijing, Fodor’s China, Time Out Beijing, Beijing Walks, Beijing & Shanghai: China’s Hottest Cities and  Zagat Beijing.  She has lived in Beijing since 1994 and continues to explore the city in search of new culinary adventures.

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